A Nigerian lady has lambasted TBoss for taking to social media to lay curses on an Instagram troll who described her child as Ugly.

Over the Weekend, Tboss finally unveiled the face of her baby daughter, 6 months after she welcomed her to the world. However, a troll deemed it okay to say the child ‘looked like a monkey’ and the comment hurt Tboss deeply as she took to an Instagram live session to lay heavy curses on the said troll.

In a new development, another Nigerian lady said TBoss’ Instagram live video was uncalled for. She went on to also call TBoss’ baby ugly.

Watch her video below ;



  1. Its so uncalled for calling anybody’s child ugly, u created no one and have no business calling someone ugly, even u speaking u are very ugly,idiot.

  2. Shut the fuck up.. you have sold your soul to the devil and that is why trying to be noticed as u are seen as clout chaser. Tbos child is a sweetchild and wasn’t uploaded for an evil creature like you to compliment.

  3. This person should have told us that she wants fame instead of coming here to say trash,don’t worry it will get to your turn and then ur child will be so ugly that no man will ever want her

  4. You are darmn funny. With your big nose you are still talking. I wonder how your own child will look like. You have no right to judge what GOD made. Shame on you

  5. Tboss God has given you a precious child a beautiful one for that. I beg you in the name of God don’t allow bitter people to spoil your joy as a mother. Be the best you can be to your child.Show him/her love raise him/her in a God fearing way and love her unconditionally because many that are mocking you today want to be like you but it will never happen. Let them run their mouth because no matter what you do they will always talk. I am even surprised at particularly women making sarcastic comments regarding your babe when some don’t even have a chicken. My sister you are beautiful and your child a even more beautiful than they think just wait a little they will see that they are just being bullied. May God protect you Child from evil people in Jesus name Amen.

  6. You’re such a fool, just because you can’t bear a child does not mean others can’t. You this ugly chimpanzee. You look sick and you don’t know the definition of true beauty. Tboss baby is cute and lovely. If e pain you go die idiot.

  7. Did they ask for ur opinion or did she ask for ur comment if u don’t kn what ur problem is u better shut up u that is saying someone’s child is ugly have u ckecked ur self In d mirror to kn how u look like before coming out and start saying someone’s child is ugly my main point is that in ur next life u can’t give birth to a diamond like tbose’s child u that look like monkey and ur breast like slippers go and work on ur self before commenting on others post ugly thing idiot.

  8. See the beast talking…. Eeewwwwwww… You look so tattered and dirty with your mopping stick breast dangling on ur chest… If u have the chance to bear a child then you won’t come out to say trash like this… Something looking like monster abusing a diamond… Wonder shall never ends…pls show us what u are able to reproduce before pointing finger at that precious bany

  9. Well madam we have noticed you. Please next time do yourself a favour not to expose such a sagging boobs for it’s an embarrassment to your generation. I would have said more but you don’t know what it means to carry a pregnancy for 9 months. It might even be one asha** somewhere that is making me to waste my English. Well T-Boss na bad belle people

  10. Madam breast opener learn to mind ur business before this ur mouth that looks like pit toilet put u in trouble, give birth to ur own child let’s see how fine the baby will be with this ur ugly face that looks like Nigerian roads that has not been tarred for decades

  11. This one is a fool o, you are a disgrace to all women. Why should someone call an innocent baby ugly in the first place? She got what she asked for Bitch

  12. There are a lot of people with toxic influence here and there ready to spew toxic waste on others, Tbosses child is beautiful thats all I see, I doubt if this lady speaking has a child and if she does that will be one huge shocker.

  13. The girl can never conceive go into her profile well that’s y she is frustrated that Tboss child is so beautiful idiot bastard cover those falling breast and go tell ur mother she is ugly bitch

  14. Stop saying that the baby is ugly, because you that is saying that the baby is ugly are you beautiful when u are like her u are more ugly.

  15. Stop saying that the baby is ugly, because you that is saying that the baby is ugly are you beautiful when u are like her u are more ugly.Tboss your baby is Cutie’s Cutie’s don’t mind her.

  16. You are an idiot. You ashawo with no brain. A real person will not an innocent child that can’t you back an ugly child. I pray you never witness with child bear his. You shall be a barren.

  17. U are very very stupid notice me or i die, look at u saying ur fellow woman’s child is ugly shame on to u useless idiot. What’s ur business concerns her having a child?? If u dont no what to say kindly shut that ur smelling gutter mouth fool.

  18. Nigerian and there bad mouth.every child is beautiful according to how he or she is created.beauty is in the eye of the beholder.you wy dey take trash you sure say you don marry,not to take of passing through child birth process.stupid fool

  19. Madam stut the fuck up u re very stupid for ever trying to make this video, u look stupid,u sound stupid,ur hair is stupid even the clothes ur puting on is even very stupid. You that is saying that is not worthy to be a mother abeg who made you the George here.
    Are you God that you should open that stupid mouth of yours to call someone’s child ugly.
    It looks like stupidity runs in your blood my dear take your time before you ever come online to call someone’s child ugly.
    Even monkey without makeup fine pass you.


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