A Ugandan family based in the USA decided to air their family issues on social meida and made a video of the kids calling the father out for cheating on his wife.

According to Fahad Amir who shared the video online, ‘These kids checked their Dad’s Phone, found messages between him & another woman cheating on their mom, confronted him as they displayed the messages for everyone to read in the living room.

This is a Ugandan Family in USA.’

The man’s three daughters decided to embarrass him for his decision and made a video of themselves reading the messages between himself and the other woman while insulting him.

From the video you can hear them saying;

“Explain this, does it not recall in that brain of yours? Can you not recall? So what the f*ck is this? I’m gonna embarrass the shit out of you. How many time are you going to put my mum through the same fucking bullshit? You’re ridiculous, you should be ashamed.

You are not a father figure, I don’t care who you are to me, you are a piece of shit.”

Watch the video here:

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