A Nigerian man has opined that any man above the age of 25 driving a car worth 5 million naira is considered poor.

The man made this controversial assertion in a viral video, stating that any man above 25 years old with a car worth 5 million naira should not feel fulfilled or accomplished.

According to him, such a man is considered behind and wretched. He added that the car befitting a man above 25 years old should cost around 20 to 25 million naira.

“If you are above 25 and still driving a car worth 5 million naira, you are a poor man, and you don’t have money. Don’t see yourself as a rich man. There is no level. You should be driving a car worth 20 to 25 million naira”, he said.

Watch him speak below,

In other news, a Nigerian man has received a brand new car and other expensive gifts from his in-laws as a wedding gift.

The man recently tied the knot with his bride in a traditional wedding ceremony to his heartthrob and during the ceremony, his in-laws presented him with the car and other lavish gifts.

A video showing the luxury vehicle was shared online by a party guest who advised fellow men to marry from wealthy families to enjoy such benefits.

In addition to the car, the gifts included a settee, bed frame, refrigerator, household appliances, microwave, gas cylinder, and more.

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