Bolanle Olukanni

Popular media personality, Bolanle Olukanni has said the reason why African men cheat is because there are no legal consequences.

The TV host said this while reacting to a post by Reno Omokri where he said it’s very hard for one woman to satisfy the libido of a normal man.

In the post, Reno stated that the Bible is not against polygamy and the idea of monogamy was introduced by the Western world.

Reacting, Bolanle knocked Reno’s stance and asserted that the only reason why African men cheat liberally is because there are no legal consequences like in America.

Bolanle Olukanni

According to her, if there are legal consequences and men are expected to pay heavily if their wives file for a divorce on the grounds of infidelity, they will not cheat.

Taking to her Instastory, Bolanle wrote,

“Wild lol. So basically he is implying that men are animals that are unable to control themselves.

Dears don’t be fooled. The only reason why African men cheat more is because there are no legal consequences. Lmao. If there are divorce laws that take away half of a cheaters money. Cheat who?? Cheat what??

If you cheat in Nigeria, people look the other way. Cheat in Los Angeles now – the milking she will mil you.”

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  1. Legal consequences will not change a damn thing. For women, there can only be legal consequences in any scenario only when it suits them right?
    Always remember that with any new development, men always adjust and re-strategize. For the modern woman, however, it is another story…
    Only feminist single women can say things like this. If she was married, she’ll be as quiet as a well fed cat…
    Reno omokri is right! And as a single woman, it will be better for you to learn about, understand, and accept men if you value marriage, because men control access to relationships and marriage. Yes, that’s right! I said MEN, not you. Au contraire, women control access to sex and child bearing. So if you want us to pick you, then know us! Or you can choose to stay single, independent, and alone. There are no in-betweens… Make your choice and deal with it. You can’t have it all. That only exists in the world of disney and fairy tales…

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