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Zahra Buhari Narrates Her Experience At The Burial Of The 7 Soldiers


Seven soldiers were buried Yesterday, 7th November 2016. President Buhari’s daughter, Zahra who was in attendance shared a picture collage and her experience at the burial.


According to her, it was the first time she was witnessing a burial all her life.

She wrote: ”


Today, I experienced a burial for the first time in my life. Right before my eyes I saw our 7 heroes laid to rest, I couldn’t hold back my tears.

I looked up and saw my mother wiping away her tears and then Lt. Gen. Buratai’s voice shaking as he gave his touching speech to bid good bye for the last time. Lt Gen Buratai listed town after town, village after village that were recaptured by the army led by our 7 fallen soldiers.

Tears rolled down as though I had known them all my life. They sacrificed everything they had for us and gave it their all in every battle. I thought to myself “This is the epitome of patriotism!”.

All our fallen heroes shall not be forgotten. The patriotism I had in my heart before the burial was very much but by the end of the event it had doubled!! We have” country but Nigeria. We shall remain here and savage it together”

The bravery, courage and patriotism of our soldiers is an example to every Nigerian, it is the true definition of “leading by example”.

May Almighty shower his blessings and mercy on all our fallen heroes. You shall never be forgotten.

– Zahra MB

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  1. Chai!!! Buhari go last long be that oooo… Me wey I never reach 12 when I done they go chop Funeral Rice and meat.. Eyes done see for life

  2. Nne Linda says:

    Stop talking rubbish….ur father is a killer…so dnt be surprise to see dead bodies

    • Haruna Umar says:

      Look at what you are saying like someone that is insane, just know that you are a woman like her

    • Nne Linda says:

      U r mad….by nature…hausa fool

    • Linda God bless you…amen!

    • Haruna Umar says:

      Am from edo and not from d north and I forgive you. Me Linda what a name, I feel sorry for your parent that gave birth too a minus. I pray you stop looking for attention and focus on something that will help your self than insulting people. What a waste……

    • Nne Linda says:

      Bless u too..dear

    • Nne Linda says:

      Wat a gud msg u wrote for ur mother…plz com bk nd add ”YOURS FAITHFULLY, GOAT HARUNA UMAR”….LOL

    • I wonder why when people trade insults they have to mention “Mothers”. This thing pains me a lot! We should try and leave our good parents out of our altercations plz!

  3. Story.

  4. Go Nd ask ur fada

  5. Ehaaaaa!!!!!! As big as u are, they no de allowed u go out from the house….. Rich good oooo…. Me my mama dey carry me go burial from 6months old.

  6. Akuko

  7. back in the days na everytime we dey pray make person die or born because of food

  8. Heroes indeed…I can’t die for Nigerian if na Nigeria die for me no be bad thing

  9. ”No political ambition is worth the blood of any civilian” – Goodluck Jonathan

    They died fightinq wat ur Dad(Buhari) and his team invented (Boko Haram)…so theres no need for ur crocodile tears,just be cryinq that in due time u and ur family will be leavinq Aso Villa.

  10. Nonsense!!!!!!!
    What’s the big deal going for a burial for the first time
    Before u go burial to dance? Or laugh?

  11. typing..

  12. … Just passing

  13. Such is life,just try and help the family of the deceased with any tin u have,nothing is too small

  14. Really……….so she need to see how many people are dieing of hunger and starvation in this her father administration

  15. maybe ur p man own go be d second u will attend

  16. May their souls rest in peace

  17. How i wish you dad was among them

  18. There is always a first time to everything…….

  19. story

  20. No be ur papa handwork

  21. Thanks to ur father now U can start going to burial because ur papa said a war against boko haram is a war against north,just ready ur cloths plenty burial dey ahead.

  22. Moses Nick says:

    Your father is all I have to say.

  23. Rubbish!!!! I so hate to read posts like this…..

  24. You never attended burial bcos you belong to the kitchen living room and the other room.

  25. Doris Asani says:

    No wonder,they don’t have feelings for the masses.

  26. May their souls rest in peace

  27. Nuel Ebuka says:

    What Do U Mean By Fir7t Burial?

  28. they served their father’s land till death…may their souls rest in peace

  29. Rip to the dead

    As for Zarah Buhari the girl dey high on APC change

  30. Oh No she couldn’t hold back her tears, rubbish would you keep quiet, do you know how many innocent souls your evil father and his cohort are killing every day with hunger and starvation. Guess you haven’t experienced life from my own point of view. for your information you little Fuck ass unimaginable runt Assed bitch, am going to yet another countless burial of a young woman like you.

    • I tink dz ur comment should b for ur cucumber sister ?? she’s d only stupid ass bitch av heard of, dz gal do u no wrong, its not her fault dat u poor n she’s fucking rich, wer ws ur dad wen men wer working der ass out weda u like it or not she s a beautiful n respected young lady not d gal dat is trying to make d least food cucumber expensive for us dz Christmas too?? ? ???

    • Hey am not your brother so I don’t need your apology, if am poor or rice doesn’t matter after all My Dad is not a mass murderer. And concerning that cucumber issue for your information I just had one perhaps that same one she used and guess what she smells nice on the cucumber on like your smelling hairy pussy. Am from the east and I don’t give a Fuck about any fucker from the north even if it’s an angel. Why not go Fuck your dad @ Anni’berry Pius.

    • Rita Cynthia says:

      Hahaha….e don happen

    • Pemperepe, can’t stop laughing

    • Lolz.., amebo women una wan put fire

    • Hahaaahahah see level

  31. Now i know why their is much poverty and suffering in africa.i read comments and am like who created these ones.u love ur family and want them well but wishing another death and even praying another looses her loved one.someone is dead and ppl are playing politics mocking the family.ppl loose their life and ppl are also bringing irrelevant sentiments to it.sure we have freedom of speech but does it have to go with evil wishes.anyway d last time i checked d time i realize dat most of these ppl who come to comment trash on facebook are illitrates whose brains are retarded by poverty which they contributed to themselves.i will not call names as they already know themselves.ppl with good mind are prospering daily while fraustration is speaking on d lives of those who doesnt want another well.thank you

    • Sum pple are so dumb, dey comment based on other people’s comment.dey don’t know Wat is right anymore. Worse people Dan d Bulgari dry criticiae.people lost dier,broda husband,father and bread winner and sum pple are saying trash

    • Mariam Aysha says: speechless.

    • Mariam Aysha says:

      When our soldiers are dying, lvn their loved ones just to make nigeria great again, to make peace reign. Look at wht people are commenting.My God!!! What kind of people are we?honestly speaking nigeria is the worst country I have ever seen in my life.

    • Rita Anthony says:

      Hmmm At Tyms Concerning Dis Army Issues Am Just Short Of Words With Wat Alot Of People R Comenting Dey Cnt Protect Der Country Stil Dey Discourage D Gallant Soldiers Doing It Alot Of Dem Hve Gone Stil Most Of Dem R Stil Fight Dey Neva Rillent Am One Of D Victim D Fada Of My Son Who Was Also A Gallant Solder Died Wen I was Just 3mnths Preg Always By Boko Haram In Dis Fight For Peace. Pls Lets Pray For Our Army Many Of Dem R Nt Even Married Dey Cnt Even Eat Deir Salary Peacfully

    • Rita Anthony says:

      Kudos For All Ranges And Able Gallant Soldier Out Der

  32. Kundu Raph says:

    Rio to our heroes but your father Buhari hands day for BK too

  33. Ese Melody says:

    Father accept their souls n gv peace to d family

  34. Unwana Ayara says:

    At ur age its d 1st time u r witnessing a burial… See baby dull.
    U even get mind to open ur mouth talk am

  35. Smith Bright says:

    OK that good experience. Hope u will not have to cry again when the time come for ur Dad? Since u now have the experience.

  36. Let her go to hell, she is crying 4 seven soldiers wot of d hundreds of innocent biafrans killed by her father

  37. Amen

  38. I think Muslim don’t expose their body for others to see,y is say zahra doing same,abi is she a christian?
    This ppl are hypocrites.

  39. You pass first lady…. Busy body

  40. Uka Onuoha says:

    whaoooo!am happy that you still have human feeling unlike your dad.please share your feelings with your dad.

  41. When I go through the comments here, most of the insults come from Christains, Y ? Must the president be a Christian?, one tin people dnt know abt life is this, is very easy to destroy but to repair take alot of time, all this insults,PMB will never get to see them

    • Keep quit,so is painful

    • Anita Dakup says:

      Adams, this is Not longer religious issues abeg no cause confusion here, this death is painful to Christians more than the Muslim.
      Why don’t the Muslim talk about Zahra too, is it bcoz she is Muslim that they can’t tell her the truth?

    • Anita, what truth will they tell Zahra, islamically women dnt go to burial ground that’s y she is seeing it for the first time, go tru pples comment ND u will see dat no one is talking abt d death, only insulting PMB and d insults are all coming from christains

    • Esther Philip,am quit already, very very painful for someone as old as u are who dnt know how to talk, showing ur real attitude on social media jst because u manage to afford a phone

  42. Graccy Becky says:

    Who knws if his next cos nig r nt happi wit d unecessary hardship he brought to dem. So save ur tears fr him

  43. Ogbe Grace says:

    I don’t know what this yeye zahra dey call herself O after all the evil done by ur father in this Nation just because buhari wants to rule Nigeria by all mixed by sending so many souls to early grave thru bokoharram he introduce bokoharram to make Jonathan Administration ungovernable but today where are we?is beginning to back fire on him.judgment belongs to God.he will judge every man according to his work

  44. Ndudim Grace says:

    And the worst part is that this bokoharam are just killing there own people

  45. U people should part for something else instead of praying for Buharis death. God does not honour evil prayers

  46. Tell your father to stop killing them,him and Borno politicians should stop what they started… Your dad is d brain behind boko haram ,so he should know what to do better…

    • U ar very right jare!

    • U hit on the truth.

    • what stopped u from asking jona that wat stopped from.from finishing boko haram?
      during his time victims of the dead are much in multple dan now, still all of u have blind eyes.
      the peace of mind u hav now can never be compared to that of the president u are supporting.
      go bak and think well.
      we are mourning heroes death, u are here busy criticising.
      seems u were daef during the rampant killing not evn in maiduguri but the whole of the country.
      abeg adjust ur thoughts t reality

  47. 1st tym i no & felt hw painful death is wen i lost my dear Dad.i c ppl die bt hs ws so painful. i use 2 c hm as vn anoda life,he ws so full of life yet death tok him.stayn arund u sudnly no more.

  48. Ada Ejeh says:

    Lucky u…is good to be rich.

  49. Tomorrow your father will release nabbed Bokoharam . I pity the families of the deceased and other Nigerian soldiers.

  50. well may their soul rest in peace and that’s life, das d massage 4 us all no one is biga dan death so u das is doing gud continue to do it n u das doing evil repent cos no one knws d time dat death will knock @ d door

  51. May d souls of our Hero’s rest in peace

  52. u may nt no wat ds famlis ar goin tru tl all d sympatizers tak der leave dats wen
    d vaccum is felt mor.4 d head of d house 2 b found no mor in hs home?

  53. Onwuzu Emeka says:

    Na your papa gan killed them so you go check weather na true

  54. She is beautiful

  55. Mariam Aysha says:

    When our soldiers are dying, lvn their loved ones just to make nigeria great again, to make peace reign. Look at wht people are commenting.My God!!!if u have issue with Buhari and his daughter, or anything politics, keep it aside and let’s pray our gr8 soldiers . remember, no one can escape death, it’s a matter of time, whn d time comes we will also answer our call.lets join hands together and make nigeria great again, we are one,please my brothers and sisters.

  56. Who cares

  57. Nonessential people

  58. May the souls of the departed rest in heavenly peace and may those still alive be kept under God’s shadow. May the families they left behind never lack nor want and I pray God grant them the fortitude to bear the irreversible loss. Amen!

  59. At this age u attend burial for the 1st time..??

  60. Why re u even wearing a sleeveless gown,zahra this your dressing is un islamic,dress like a Moslem naw……..and leave our gown for us..

  61. So anywere this girl go…she go cum bk do photoshoot…….to mourn solders…she still snap fr haus….na wa o

  62. What a painful death, may their souls rest in peace, God knows the best!

  63. What about the Other soldiers in question! Is it only Mohammed Ali that died. May the Good accept their soul and give family fortitude to bear this loss. We reject all of mass burial by Boko Haram from now.

  64. What about 100s of others
    Do you mean is only 7 that you have seen
    You are not a good person then …
    Just exposing your ignorance

  65. Bolaji Ajoke says:

    Gbam said correctly zara, leave hater,if them like am or not u are president daughter and u are beautiful, and ur daddy is doing good job.

  66. Anita Dakup says:

    And so what?

  67. waio sorryoo DAT is 4 u

  68. You say u go burial but makeup wen dey ur face be like who go wedding. Idiot dey deceive ur self

  69. Nwendu Rose says:

    Why are you not wearing your masquerade attire? Hippocrates!… Does your religion not condemn this attire for women.? Please go and cover up and enter your husband’s the other room.. Stop saying what nobody has time for. Already your family will answer for them on the day. Whether they put you inside pit toilet or well filled sucker well pit, you can’t bring them back.

  70. Jamila Nasir says:

    Allah yafi mu sonsu,Allah ya gafarta musu,Allah ya kara ma iyalansu hakuri

  71. may their souls rest in peace…. I think our president’s daughter made a good point by saying that we should remain in Nigeria and fight for the country… so can somebody please tell her to start by staying in Nigeria so we can all protect it together…#Jez saying though

  72. Well am nt surprised by all the comment you make bcus we still av some illiterate among us, did buhari sent boko haram to kill dem? No, dey died while trying to save the country from terrorist, pls let speak of good things from our heart instead of saying one government is better dan d other so that peace can reign in Nigeria, I pray the lord will comfort,stand,provide and uphold the families of the deceased.

  73. Musa Hussani says:


  74. I just love this Zahra and her Mumc Aisha…

  75. The soldiers were not killed by boko haram, they were killed by the Nigerian government, by the former governor who formed boko haram, by the senator who protects boko haram and by the president who refused to condemn boko haram when they were formed. Now they are a force, a stitch in time saves nine

  76. Say good bye to broke ness and poverty with just a token of. , 6 k with I charity club income be financially free instead of blaming the government always join the winning team what’s up _08085784524

  77. Face your sins

  78. Was it the first time soldiers re dying in the battle field hypocrites? Didn’t they died during d past administration? What did you and your imbecile father said?

  79. Okoro Moses says:

    When a red collar officer is killed the hole Nigeria will be remorseful my question are they the ones engaging na them day mount anti AA n anti tanks for here
    We soldiers are fighting n dieing here with limited weapon no journalist is saying the truth no body is hearing anything that is happening here last week over 12soldiers died it still no body is doing anything we need your prayers your love course is our blood (patriots ) that keeps this country now not courage

  80. All thanks to your father who founded boko-haram just to be the president.

  81. Ramatu Maina says:

    Allahu Akbar, Allah yasa Aljanna Firdausi ne mokomansa

  82. May God have mercy on us all in Nigeria and the soul of the departed rest in eternal peace. Amen

  83. Edith Ezeh says:

    Eeya! Then grow up cos this simply shows you are still a baby..

  84. Ameja Rietta says:

    Abeg Zahra or Zebrah I no blame u.

  85. Ameja Rietta says:

    Zahra why are not wearing hijab,chaii I pity Muslim women there are in hell

  86. Rip, gallant soldier

  87. Kenneth says:

    Is not your fault but her Papa is million times better than your Bastard & all time Drunkard father. Ashawo.

  88. Hoping your father will not allow their dead to be in vain by atlesst making sure all military personnel all well taking care of by improving their take home pay and also their kitting.. He need to also provide weapons for those fighting and for our fallen heroes take care of their family..we are tired of words we need to see changes in the army for good.

  89. Is she d 4th wife????

  90. It is well with your soul brave soldier

  91. May there souls rest in peace

  92. Mariam Aysha says:

    May God forgive us all.Amen.

  93. Y didnt u go to maiduguri where ppl r killed nd no one cares.Zahra u were nobody b4 nd u will still b nobody now

  94. Keep that story to ya self woman or tell it to ya pop’s

  95. She has not attended a burial before bcos she has bn busy in her father’s kitchen. Continue shading the tears in ur fathers’ sitting room…. Point of correction, there is another country called BIAFRA…..

  96. Sunday Mary says:

    Can we just let this girl be, she didn’t chose her dad, God did and if any of us was related to buhari either his daughter /son we won’t be talking this way com’on my people. In American soldiers die for their country and nobody blaims the president or his daughter. Let zahra be pls.

  97. No worry ur papa na next

  98. No worry ur father na next

  99. No need for sentiment…
    U will witness d death of ur father after d bad prayers of Nigerian citizens catches up with him n u will cry like Nigerians just like they are crying for d hardship ur father has put this country into….

  100. I dont like Buhari, but these hate comments on Zahra are way too far & childish. Let her be for God’s sake! Haba! Dirty minded people. Mtcheew

  101. Foolishness

  102. Tel ur papa.. Atleast Dats d best u can do

  103. Next…..

  104. And so?!

  105. Chuka Ezeh says:

    At your age your witnessing burial for the first time, ok

  106. Oya wetin you want make we do?

  107. Don’t worry dear you will witness baba own soon

  108. May Almighty ALLAH forgives all their sins and. May there soul respect in peace his not and easy task to sacrifice for ones life

  109. May Allah forgive them all

  110. Priye Ajubo says:

    Wet in concern me wit disstory ur fada one kill pipo

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