Ibrahim Abubakar and Zainab Aliyu were victims of a wrongful arrest in Saudi Arabia, after they were both arrested in the country for drug trafficking.

They duo have both arrived Nigeria. They arrived Nigeria, yesterday, Monday, 13th of May 2019 and were received by delegates of the Nigerian government and their parents.

The two were accused of trafficking tramadol, a banned substance, into Saudi Arabia, an offence that is punishable by death in the country.

However, an investigation by the Nigerian government revealed that a drug cartel that specializes in planting hard drugs in the luggages of unsuspecting travelers, was behind their travail.

After much oucry from Nigerians and with the intervention of President Buhari, Aliyu and Abubakar were released to Garba Satomi Grema, the acting Consul-General, Nigerian Consulate, on May 2nd.

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