Archbishop Sam Zuga, the brain behind the first African Cryptocurrency, Zugacoin has shed more lights on the difference between it’s Membership registration, Presale and ICO.

According to the popular cleric also known as Archbishop Dr Sam Zuga (Jehovah’s Field Marshall), Zugacoin which is intended to be used to alleviate unemployment in Africa, also promises to be one of the most expensive currency in the world.

He likened the the processes of acquiring ZUGACOIN to that of a acquiring landed properties in an already built estate. He said,

“ZUGACOIN itself is like I built an Estate of 1million houses with water and light but not furnished. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) means, the day that I want to start selling the houses in that Estate which the price will depend on the Exchange rate on the day you want to buy. But Exchange rate of Dollar as at the time of advertising the property was $40,000 (Dollars), equivalent to N21million (Naira). But as Naira has kept falling before Dollar, the price keeps rising.”

On Presale of Zuga coin he states, “PRESALE is whoever is interested in buying any of the houses before the actual date of public sales. By this time, the actual price has been divided into 100 times less and you are paying to buy the whole flat with only one portion.”

Archbishop Sam Zuga also maintained that MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION is like when he announced that whoever that needs to reside in the estate should come with all their furniture.

“The quantity of your furniture will determine the number of rooms that would be given to you. If the quantity of your furniture is enough to fill a whole flat, you will be given a whole flat, if it’s only for one room, you will be given only one room.”

In conclusion, the philanthropic Man of God added, ” if anyone is not interested in the area to participate in any of the free or subsidized offer, the owner will sell the whole estate to one investor from any part of the world. That new owner can increase the price the way he chose or use on the purpose he likes, but will never tamper with the already occupied apartments.”

Zugacoin’s ICO begins on 1/12/2020 as presales and membership registration closes on 30/ 11/ 2020

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