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Human beings are animals of association, so as we grow older, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing we all get afraid of ……. the fear of being alone for the rest of our lives.

Frankly, there must come a point in everyone’s life when they feel alone and wish they had someone next to their heart.

Most of the time, people don’t wish for “just someone’ around them, rather, they wish for someone they can call their own, their “better half or life companion”.

Yes! it’s a universal truth that human beings don’t want to be alone in their old age. Now, no matter how tough, independent or strong a person is, this stage of life is always disturbing, depressing and nerve-wrecking especially on the part of the ladies.

No wonder the holy book(Bible) refers to marriage as an honourable institution.

Here in Nigeria, some cute and beautiful ladies are yet to tie the knot. Many Nigerians believe that some ladies made the dire decisions to stay single while some others feel that condition made it so for them (Na condition make crayfish bend).

Nigerian men however, believe that there are more serious reasons why many Nigerian ladies are yet to tie the know.

So, we want to explore these other reasons and see if it would help Nigerian ladies who did not consciously make the decision to stay single, leave spinsterhood.

1. Most Eligible Men Are Not Ready To Tie The Knot:

Are you aware that a lot of men who are eligible for marriage out there are still jobless and are struggling to make ends meet?

There is this firm believe that the Nigerian labor market favors the ladies more than men so that it seems like women achieve more in Nigeria without great effort than the men.

This does not indicate that men are not making it either. It just means that most of the men who are old enough to get married do not have the means of doing it because they are working tirelessly to make ends meet while some of the men want to have all the money possible before getting married.

But hey! This is the 21st century so if he does not have the means, you might as well do what the Bible says and be a helper.

Besides, you will not just be helping him, you will be helping yourself too.

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