Its been a field day for Laura Ikeji since a fan asked her why she doesn’t relate with her sister-in-Law, Amara Kanu.

The fashionista who is married to Nigerian football legend, Kanu Nwankwo’s younger brother, Ogbonna, had given an ambiguous answer at the time.

She stated that, “We are not friend.”

However, another fan took up the matter, going a step further to compare Laura to Kanu’s wife.

The fan spelt out Amara’s attributes, in which areas she found Laura lacking, noting that those were the reasons why the sisters-in-law couldn’t be friends.

She said, “Of course she can’t be friends with you na, she is classy while you are a wannabe, she is calm and collected while you are loud, she is beautiful while you are far from it, her husband is the main deal while your husband will keep stealing her children’s ticket to go and watch match, so of course you are not friends and can never be.

In response to this fan, Laura still chose to take the high road with her reply, saying, “What I have achieved just in January by working my butts off, both you and her cannot achieve in 10 years but hey…”

In earlier reports, we revealed that the sisters-in-Law have neither publicly nor privately, related with each other.

The situation made even more noticeable after Laura and Ogbonna welcomed their first son in 2017, and Amara neither acknowledged nor congratulated the couple.

The messy situation comes weeks after Amara called out Ogbonna for allegedly trying to destroy her family and stealing her sons Leeds game tickets.

Since the incident, Kanu and Amara have unfollowed each other on Instagram.

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