A Nigerian man has taken to micro-blogging platform to open up on how he experimented his sexuality when he was just 13.

According to the man with the username @andreaphareezy, he ‘gave head to every boy in his hostel’ when they all went for NECO and it was a normal thing because they were experimenting at that age.

He further stated that people who never did such were either dead guys or ugly.

The full disclosure came when another popular Twitter user quizzed the morality of the current generation when he wrote;

Should we talk about what some of you did during Jamb lesson and WAEC extension? Or make we pretend sey all of us been good?

That’s why all these takes are hilarious. Because most of us where experimenting when we were 13+.

I gave head to every boy in my hostel when we went for Neco. Most of them were straight. They just wanted to know what head felt like.

It’s not that deep

Nobody sabi my papa for this app so I don’t care talking about shit like this

It’s niggas claiming saint 🤣. You didn’t get into shit because you were a dead guy and ugly. Say less


  1. Ogbeni shift, speak for yourself. They were certain things that was not applaudable,no matter what, you chose to be stupid.

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