Uhmm, What’s with Tyga and Under aged Girls? Now he’s done with Kylie, and he’s moving forward with other younger girls? Well, a 14 year old is claiming he did.

Recall the rapper began dating Kylie when she was just 17? Now he’s being accused of chasing a 14 year old model he met on instagram.

“He’s texted her every day, and he’s tried to FaceTime with her too. He keeps telling her how beautiful she is and how he can’t wait to hang out with her.”a source told OK mag…

Now, the girl is speaking out! And even provided the DM as proof!

The unnamed high schooler tells Star Magazine,

“He reached out to me on Instagram, and we talked back and forth. He asked for my number so we text, too.”

“I checked my Instagram DMs and had this message from King Gold Chains. I was like, ‘What?!” when I found out it was him. It was exciting.”

See Her proof below:


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