Daily Trust Reports that A 17-year-old girl names Chidinma Ugwu, has been apprehended bu the Police in Kubwa, a Satellite town in Abuja, for allegedly dumping a day-old baby girl she gave birth to at a refuse site at Phase 2, Site 2, in Abuja.

Reports have it that Ugwu was brought from her home town in from Enugu State to work as a housemaid for a family, was able to hide the pregnancy till she put to bed all by herself and to dispose of the baby, had wrapped it inside a nylon bag and carefully lowered it behind their compound through the wall on to the refuse site.

A neighbour who spoke to newsmen, said when people noticed her protruding stomach after some months and asked her about it, she said having big tummies was hereditary in her family.

“Some of the neighbours even advised her to engage in physical fitness exercises in order to trim down the protruded tommy,” the neighbour said.

On the day she put to bed, it was gathered that when she went into labour, she quickly sent the children of her madam away, locked herself up in the room, and delivered the baby all by herself.

She then cut off the placenta, flushed it in the toilet and cleaned herself up and the entire room.

According to the neighbour, her madam came back later and noticed that her protruding tummy had gone down considerably and that she was still going about her household chores.

But Ugwu’s secret was revealed when the new born baby was later discovered by a neighbour who raised an alarm and the police were alerted. The residents of the area put two and two together and told the police to question the girl and she confessed that she was the one that dumped the baby.

The baby was handed over to Ugwu’s mistress while she was arrested.

The Kubwa Divisional Police Officer, CSP Nurudeen Sabo, confirmed the incident and said that investigation is ongoing.

The same incident of child abandonment occurred on August 28, when a one day old baby was found abandoned in a bush in Barwa village along Airport Road in Abuja.

Also in the month of July, residents of Akala Street in Benin City, the capital of Edo State, were thrown into a state of shock and surprise when they woke up to discover the decomposing body of a new born baby which had been dumped in a gutter in the area.

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  1. U for go nd keep dat baby to d motherless home instead of dat smelling place u drop d baby,u are very heartless being,dont u no dat there are planty of woman looking for a child out dere

  2. Hmm, after suffering 2 carry d baby in her womb and also delivery, is nw she had 2 throw d baby away. May God guide her 2 d ryt path

  3. If she is old enof to engage in sex den she shud be able to nurse a baby. It also depend on who is responsible for her pregnancy. D Oga of d hse shud b questnd also just in case……. I no tlk say na anybdy ooooo


  5. Chai wat a prety newborn.Pls dere s a question i wil lov to ask.how do u find out dat d grl ws 17yrs old.ws she caught in d act.

  6. What a cute baby…may God protect the baby.since the age of the mother was ascertained that means she was caught,she should be taken to rehabilitation center and should be mandated to take care of her baby under close watch.

  7. pple hav reasons 4 doin things, bt i guess it’s due 2 d harse economy of niga dat wuld make her 2 do such a thing. i blieve she doesnt wnt d baby 2 die, bt 2 b spotted quickly dats y she dressed d baby wel. we r nt encouraging such a scenerio in our country, bt den wen it happens 2 u wat wil u do? she ws bold enough 2 kip d prenancy nd hav d baby.

  8. Commentators u people shuld always ask questns b4 commenting and nt to comment on all post u come across, cos some are false post just to get the attension of people

  9. They intentionally hide sum where after dumping the baby then when you come for it they trace u to ur house, after sum yrs they ll come claiming their child, beware!!!

  10. Reasons for doing that? There is no reason that justifies the wrong she has [email protected] Blessing. If she can keep the pregnancy, then she should be able to nurse the child. Scenarios like this are becoming rampant in our society. Why would a reasonable woman do that? What if the baby had died as a result of some unseen circumstances before being spotted? I am not trying to castigate her but its not the right thing to do even if she doesnt want to nurse the baby.

  11. Ogbeni lock up. I don’t believe this art work jor. When 13 years don dey flaunt belle for naija 17 years nah wetting. What will she tell everybody that has seen her pregnant before?

  12. Why should a young mother bhave this way or should i say is poverty though poverty has its way of causing alot of things like this so pls don’t blame her much

  13. She was brave enough to have given birth… in her tender mind she wanted someone to c nd pick d baby.. some of u here commenting Lord have mercy would have aborted d baby d moment u knew u were pregnant. D 17yrs old didn’t she saved him for 9months. It’s easier to judge… Anyone wearing d shoes knows where it hurts… I’m not justifying what she did but ladies don’t judge.

  14. She has gone bananas…if she knew she won’t accept d baby, why den did she opened her legs 2 welcome d baby on knwing d consequences of pre-marital sex? Girls of these days may GOD Help us o!

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