Jollof is Bae


It’s actually amazing how one food is able to fill you up and have you forget your sorrows, at least for the period when you’re eating it.

Jollof rice won’t break your heart neither will it offend you or wrong you so if jollof isn’t your bae, wyd honestly?

Well, if you’re a jollof enthusiast like all of us on OMGVoice are, you’ll probably get these tweets.

1. You, when someone says jollof is overrated

2. Jollof so bad there’s a quote on it to motivate you

3. Hallelujah somebody!

4. Only jollof can please everybody. Only

5. How do you even throw a party without jollof?

6. Hell yeah

7. Truer words have never been said, girl!

8. Just in case you ever wrong a jollof addict

9. This is all of us all the time

10. We never say no to jollof. Never.

11. That smell that brings us all to the kitchen

12. So accurate.

13. Cannot stress how true this is.

14. Look at awesomeness

15. Since we all want to be childish and petty

16. And this hilarious one

17. Honestly, it’s either jollof rice or jollof. Nothing like JRice

18. LMAO



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