A heavy rain that occurred in Imo state recently caused serious flooding in some areas and a small barber shop suffered as a result.

Unfortunately, a customer was in the barber shop at the time getting his hair done, when the rain started and the flooding trapped him and a few others inside.

In the video that was shared online, rain water is seen heavily flowing from outside into the small barber shop through the entrance. With their feet raised and waiting for the downpour to reduce, the men can be heard lamenting the state they found themselves in.

The gentleman who has having his hair cut at the moment is also heard saying “this is very unprofessional” and his remark has left a lot of people in stitches, with many wondering why he was seemingly putting the blame on the barber.

Watch the video as you scroll,

In other news, a video has captured the moment two officers were dragging the steering wheel with a driver while the vehicle was in motion.

In the video, the officers who wore all-black outfits, are seen struggling with the driver and commanding him to park the vehicle.

When the driver refused to stop, one of the officers tried to force his way into the driver’s seat while dragging the gear lever with the driver to take control of the vehicle.

However, the driver was hell bent on not stopping the bus which made the officer dealt him a dirty slap across the face. Watch the video here

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