2 Lagos residents were feared to have been shot dead yesterday when suspected armed robbers attacked motorists in a gridlock at the Costain area of Lagos.

The bandits were said to be robbing motorists at the Eko bridge, which links the Costain area.

It was gathered by City Today that when the hoodlums, who were robbing from one vehicle to another got to a car and ordered the occupants to wind down their windows, the occupants refused to comply.

It was gathered that the refusal of the occupants to wind down the windows, angered the robbers, who shot dead the two occupants.
An eyewitness, simply identified as Onwuyali, said:

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“We were in a serious gridlock at the Costain area when armed robbers, who cashed in on the traffic situation started robbing motorists. Our bus was robbed, after which the robbers went to a car in front of ours. I saw one of the armed robbers, arguing with the occupants of the vehicle. I later heard about five gunshots. One of the robbers was searching the car while others were firing into the air.
“The shooting caused serious stampede, as motorists abandoned their vehicles and scampered for safety. Some courageous ones, who tried to zoom off hit other vehicles. It was when people were going to work, so the commotion was too much.”

Another witness, Joel Omojola, said:

“When we heard the gunshots, my family and I thought that they were bank robbers that raided FESTAC Town two weeks ago, so we abandoned our vehicle and took to our heels.

The Lagos State Police image maker, Mr. Joseph Offor, said a motorist called him to reports that there was a traffic robbery at the Costain area of the metropolis,

“but nobody told me that someone died. I cannot say that someone died because I have not been officially briefed on the robbery.”

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