You see the image above? You see it doncha? That’s some heavy shading y’all! Look how they correlated the anguish they have with their men! Damn! Not cool though.

While many might say it’s true and slam them too… others may feel it ain’t fear…

It kinda weird though, that they don’t have anything to say about Kylie Jenner‘s man, or she’s too young for their shade?

What are your thought on this though? Should they take it down? Or the Kardashians deserve this shading?



  1. All the issues these men have has always been with them before the Kardashian ladies met them, Lamar has always been using drugs cos he got it from his father that’s an addict, Scott has always been an alcoholic and a spoilt brat that doesn’t want to be responsible and Bruce is just another issue on its own. So stop blaming the ladies for the stupidity of the men. By the kanye wasn’t getting any attention from the media anymore before he met Kim, his music career was almost not existing before he dated her.


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