When 2 men loves 1 woman what should they do?

Against all odds Slyvester Mwendwa and Elijah Kimani of Mombasa County in Kenya have decided to marry the love their lives, Joyce Wambui.

When Mwendwa, 26 and Kimani discovered they were in love with the same woman, they struck an unusual deal that allows both men to live with Joyce and raise all the children she bears together.

David Okwembah of BBC reports that the marriage will only be accepted if they can prove polyandry is an accepted cultural practice in Kenya. Sadly, no tribe in Kenya accepts polyandry.

When contacted by BBC Focus on Africa, Mwendwa stated that he understands that his marriage might not be legal, but because he loves Joyce he would rather go into a contract with Kimani so as to avoid any conflict.

Daily Nation reports that a community police officer, Adhalah Abdulrahman confirmed that he saw the two men fighting over the woman in Mombasa county.

Joyce is reportedly a widow with twins who didn’t want to leave any of the two men.

“We discussed everything and they agreed that even if the woman gives birth they will raise the child as their own since they have been taking care of the woman’s children together and paying her rent equally,” Abdulrahman said.

Two husbands mean double dowry right? Joyce parents have already been informed and plans to pay Joyce dowry is already being made.


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