A 20-year-old Nigerian Big Boy who has enjoyed a successful year, took to his social media page to brag about 2018 achievements in a move to motivate youths to work harder.

His post reads;

My name is Ebhohimen Innocent from Edo State. I am so happy for what the Lord has done for me this year. This year I bought my father a highlander car, and I also buy myself a Mercedes Benz GL 350, and I also build a house which is almost complete now and my girlfriend is pregnant for me.

And I am just 20 years. This is a good news that is supposed to be spread round Nigeria to motivate other youth outside there. My girlfriend is just 18 years.



  1. How is this inspiring? What hard work is he doing to acquire all of this? We glorify bad things, yet condemn the government… Mtcheee… Smh

  2. There is nothing to emulate or jealous about here. If I were the father, I would scrutinize his source of wealth before accepting the gift. Who knows he might be the next sacrifice.


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