Bukky Ajayi, died on Wednesday morning aged 82. Ajayi featured in rested TV series ‘Village Headmaster’ and ‘Checkmate’.

Here are five great movies she featured in

1. Thunderbolt (2001)

Thunderbolt deals with interracial marriages and its challenges in modern day Nigeria. It tells the experiences of an Ibo woman named Ngozi who married a Yoruba man named Yinka despite the conflict between their two tribes.

2. Mother of George (2013)

Bukky Ajayi played the role of Ma Ayo in this 2013 film. The movie, directed by Andrew Dosunmu, tells the story of a newly married Nigerian couple in Brooklyn who own and manage a small restaurant while struggling with fertility issues.

3. Indecent Girl (2004)

Indecent Girl tells the story of a rich lawyer who schooled in the United States. He falls in love with a dancer but his parents disagreed with his choice, preferring someone whom they consider within social status. He rejects her, she turned to voodoo and the rest is history. Ajayi played Mrs Orji in the movie.

4. Temini Tieko (2004)

Temini Tieko, a Yoruba movie, showed misunderstandings between a married couple could be resolved when handled right.

– The Punch

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