FairMoney FairSave wallet

Everyone wants to be able to put a little money aside for emergency purposes or just be able to afford something special. With the right financial partner, you can save your funds in a place where it keeps growing daily. FairMoney MFB recently introduced FairSave, and it has proved to be that right financial partner for your savings journey, you can be rest assured that your money in FairSave will work for you while you are doing things you love.

These are some things we find interesting about the FairMoney FairSave wallet

1. When you put your money in FairSave you get up to 10% interest on whatever you save on the app. This means that your money is not just sitting in the account depreciating, it is working to get you more money.

2. With the FairSave wallet, you can get access to your money anytime you want. So say you have an urgent need for money while saving, you can decide to withdraw your money (Principal and Interest). FairSave does not charge you any money for withdrawing, no penalties. The money is yours so why should you be charged for taking out your money anytime you want?

3. With FairSave you make money everyday, literally. Once you get on FairSave you get daily interest alerts.

 FairMoney FairSave wallet

4. You and your friend can win 5k each to flex if you participate in the #DailyFairSaveChallenge. All you have to do is get your friend to become your savings buddy, fill the #DailyFairSaveChallenge form on the FairMoney IG bio, then both of you should save regularly in the last 10 days of the month to qualify.

 FairMoney FairSave wallet

5. In case you don’t know, the FairSave wallet is one of the products inside the FairMoney app. When you decide to use FairSave you automatically become a FairMoney Fam and this means that you can access all FairMoney banking products.

What are you still waiting for?
Don’t spend all that excess cash on dorime this weekend. Dorime will last for a few hours, FairSave is forever. Download the FairMoney app on playstore right away so you can join the FairSave geng to start enjoying all these benefits.

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