2. Play Chess

you don't know you can do this on Facebook1

Introduce some competitive fun to your messages by breaking out the chess board. Type @fbchess in a thread on Messenger, and a chess board will show up on screen, designating who is black and who is white. It’s not as lifelike as a Harry Potter game of Wizard’s Chess, but it’ll do.

3. Save Articles Or Posts For Later

you don't know you can do this on Facebook2

Unless you’re scrolling through Facebook on the sofa, you probably don’t have time to read all the articles that your friends have posted. That’s where its handy bookmarking feature comes in. Click the downward arrow next to a post and tap, “Save link.” You can read your saved links later by going to the “Saved” tab on your “Favorites” bar (in the app, you can access the “Saved” tab by first tapping the “More” button in the bottom right).

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