Maintaining a serious relationship can be tasking . A successful long term relationship is a joint effort between two committed people.

If you have something ‘real’ and ‘special’ with someone you see a future with, here are 7 things to do which will make you more committed.

1. Look for the right partner: Keep your eyes open for ‘wife and husband materials’. If you spot a potential player, there’s no need dating them thinking they’ll change. Find someone who compliments you.

2. Be matured: Partying and drinking like a teenager is a no-no. Be more responsible, get a job and earn a good living. This would make you more independent and ready to handle what comes your way.

3. Be with someone who wants a serious relationship as you do: This crosses out the players and emotionally unavailable people. If you are ready to commit, find someone who’s on the same page with you.

4. Make more effort: Loving someone involves not running away after two fights. We all know it’s not easy, but if this is worth fighting for, then don’t let anything stop you.

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