Trouble looms in the land as the the Minister of State for Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Heineken Lokpobiri, has revealed that a bag of rice may sell for N40,000 by December.

He also stated that Nigeria spends about $22bn a year on importation of food.

Lokpobiri made the revelation on Saturday at a town hall meeting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Lokpobiri said,

“For your information, we spend about $22bn a year importing food into Nigeria. We know how many more dollars … and that is why you see the price of rice going up.

“Price of rice was N12,000 some months ago, but it is now about N26,000 and if we don’t start producing, by December it could be N40,000.

“Rice matures in three months. So, this is a wake up call for Bayelsa people to take the four farms we have seriously. The federal government has four farms in the state in our records. The average land you see in Bayelsa can grow rice, so the colonial masters were not wrong in their assessment when they said Niger Delta could feed not only Nigeria but the entire West Africa sub-region.

“Unfortunately, agriculture till today, is not a priority of the Niger Delta as far as the state governments are concerned because of oil.”

This means the hardship in the land will continue as many have already been left hungry and starving since the beginning of this year.

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  1. You talk as if you hold our lives in your pocket, who are you to speak and it will come to pass when the almighty God has not commanded it, if that is what you wish Nigeria, I pray you will be alive to witness the price of rice fall for the common masses, but you will not taste out of it.

  2. Should I call dis a threat or what, how can a minister lyk predict dis kind of word for Nigerians, as its now self many people can’t afford to buy it, so cos u have d privilege to buy it @ any cost dahs y u ae say rubbish.. I believe God’s people will Neva lack,

  3. But why,??? although God will always makes a way for his children, no matter what.?so let them sale it for #50,000, God almighty will feed his children the same way he feed 5000 people will 2 fish’s and 5 breads, our God never changes. He remains the same.

  4. Local or d foreign u banned? And d 4k is gonna buy it? 22k/bag is for contraband. Local rice still affordable. So when u say this u r indirectly admitting that u made a mistake when u banned d importation of foreign rice without making proper substitutional provision for good local rice without sand.

  5. Well if it happens like that,it means that the APC as a Party is living up to its campaign promises of change.Only that this one is a negative change….. from#8,000 for a bag in December 2014 to#40,000 in December 2016. And the minimum wage is still #18,000 . True True Nigeria go survive

  6. The good Lord who open all channels of blessings to his children wil not forsake us, cos he brings light to the dark path, and he owns everything including u, so even if somtin lik dt do hppn we all il survive it in Gods name Amen

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