A Nigerian lady has vented her frustration online after her chow chow was impregnated by another breed without her knowledge.

In a trending video, the lady is seen chastising the dog for mating with a random dog despite being a special breed.

According to her, she recently took the dog for a walk and didn’t realize it had mated with the dog of a guy they met on the road until days later, when she found out the dog was pregnant.

She bemoaned how much money she had spent on the Chow Chow and expressed disappointment that the dog is pregnant with a local dog and will not be giving birth to the purebred puppies she had hoped for.

She said her plan was for the Chow Chow to mate with her breed so her puppies could be purebred.

In the video, the visibly enraged woman asks for advice on where she can have an abortion for the dog, as she’s keen on it having its own breed.

“Do anyone know where I can do abortion for a dog in the UK pls?” She asked.

The clip has since gone viral and elicited hilarious reactions from social media users. See some comments as you scroll.

Watch video below,

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