Denrele Edun gives

Media personality, Denrele Edun has given a cryptic response to his colleague, Nedu, after he claimed that most male celebrities are either gay or bisexual.

Recall that Nedu stated this during a recent episode of his podcast ‘The Honest Bunch’. He had claimed that 90% of men in the Nigerian entertainment industry are fruity – a slang word for homosexual.

Shortly after he made this claim, Denrele came out to boldly embrace the accusation in a rather cryptic post shared on his Instagram page.

 Denrele Edun gives

The flamboyant crossdresser and entertainer admitted to being “fruity” and said he can make a “man-go” crazy.

He posted lovely photos with the caption,

“NEDU: 90% of Male Celebrities are FRUITY.

ME: I am so FRUITY, I’m a FINE-APPLE! 🍍
And I make a MAN-GO crazy!
Such a cute-CUMBER!🥒

Last Slide: Wanna sing this song for my VALEN-LIME 🍋
(as Valentine is around the corner).”

See below,

A while back, Denrele Edun recounted how intending candidates for Big Brother Nigeria reality TV show offered him money, nudes and other things so he may use his influence to make them a housemate.

His words,

“I get a lot of nudes from people who want to go for BBNaija. I get all kinds of monetary offers.

“I have gotten N100m, N50m, N30m and I tell people go and do something reasonable with your money.

“So, let’s just say if you don’t have a Denrele in your life that can help you rediscover yourself or help you get to the next level and give you direction to help you navigate your way through life, then what are you looking for? Go and find a Denrele.

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