Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker and his lovely wife, Adjoa are currently thanking God for a fruitful union which has been able to withstand the various pressures that has been associated with it.

Van Vicker might play the role of a lover boy in most of his movies because of his handsome looks, but in real life he is very much a family man.

The actor and his wife are currently celebrating their 13 years anniversary of their marriage which has been blessed with two girls and a boy.

The two love birds actually met in 1993 but decided to walk down the aisle in 2003.

Read his unedited post below:


  1. This couple should be the best celebrity couple
    Opon how cute Van is and how actress were pestin him then…we’ve never heard of breakup,quarell nor misunderstanding…
    Hey i dont mean that dy dont quarell i mean they’ve been so decipline and matured to treat all their issues with themself without bringing it up on SOCIAL MEDIA!

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