Popular Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has questioned why African elders find it difficult to apologize when they are wrong.

Etinosa Idemudia questions

In a post she shared on her IG page, Etinosa stated that elders hate admitting their mistakes, especially when the person involved is younger in age or social status.

The mum of one said this toxic behavior has also transcended into the political sphere and people in power feel too proud to be accountable to their constituents.

Etinosa noted that this behavior must be put to an end and the change begins with her.

Her words,

“Why do African elders find it so difficult to admit and apologize for their wrongs? Especially to a younger person either in age or societal hierarchy. “Do you know who I am” mentality.

We permit this toxic behaviour in our families and it also plays out in government where so called “constituted authorities” feel too big to be accountable, to answer to the “commoners”.

It must stop. The change begins with me.”

See her post below,

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