Blessing Obasi fires

Nollywood actresses, Anita Joseph and Blessing Obasi, has reacted to claims that English-speaking actors were paid N3 million to campaign for a certain politician.

Yoruba actress, Basira Badia, made this claim on Sunday after her colleague, Adunni Ade alleged that some Yoruba actors and actresses were paid ‘peanut’ to campaign for Bola Tinubu.

Blessing Obasi fires

Adunni, who went online to express her disappointment in these celebrities for selling their platform, alleged that they were paid the paltry sum of N90k to support Tinubu.

Badia felt offended by Adunni’s statement, and she went live on Instagram to lambaste and warn her to stop spewing trash.

She said, “My thing is going to Adunni Ade because I saw her video. Although she isn’t talking to me directly, she is talking to my platform, the group I belong to and I think I am part of the CGI group and I need to speak up because people have different narratives.”

She further claimed that English-speaking actors who attended Peter Obi’s stakeholder’s meeting were paid N3 million to campaign for him.

“Some English actors went for a dinner date and they gave them N3million”, she said.

Speaking further, she showered praises on MC Oluomo for taking care of her and her other colleagues without being tribalistic.

In reaction to the video, Anita Joseph slammed the actress for speaking in Yoruba, when she is addressing the public, and warned her to stop stressing her non-Yoruba speaking audience. She however didn’t confirm or deny her claim.

“What is this abeg hiaaa, please if you want to talk to the public add English don’t give us more headache abegiiii. INEC is enough wahala”, she commented.

Actress, Blessing Obasi, also opined that Badia is restless because she knows she is in the wrong.

“No peace for the wicked”, she commented.

It’s worthy to note that Badia campaigned heavily for Tinubu as her Instagram feed is filled with photos and videos from his campaign rally.

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