Alex Unusual rains

Reality TV star, Alex Asogwa also known as Alex Unusual, has rained hefty curses on celebrities who campaigned for APC Presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for their selfish reasons.

Alex went on a lengthy rant on Instagram to express her frustration with the ruling party following the reports of malpractices, rigging, and intimidation they allegedly perpetrated during the general election on Saturday, February 25.

According to her, she is utterly disappointed and have lost all respect for celebrities who supported the party for their selfish interest, rather than the greater good of the people.

Alex Unusual rains

She added that she bears no grudge against people who believe in APC’s mandate, but those who campaigned for the party for selfish reasons will never know peace.

The post reads,

“To the Nollywood stars, comedians and infact celebrities in general that decided to support APC because they have and will gain from the corruption and their government, I would have said “may your children and generation suffer for your heartlessness ” but those kids are innocent so I’ll leave them out of it.

May joy be far from you agents of darkness.

I have nothing against those that truly believe in the government of APC but you see those ones that are fully aware of everything these power hungry lunatics are doing wrong and are still standing by them, you don’t deserve anything good!!!

I’m letting my emotions take over what I choose to publicly say today because I’m almost frustrated.”

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