An allegation making rounds on the internet is of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria failing to provide quality food for her pilgrims after paying richly.

According to Babagana Digima, a Facebook user, after paying the sum of eight million naira, a meager meal of three akara balls and pap was served to the faithful.

Some of them ended up begging for money to buy proper food as the money they said they would be given there was also withheld.

In the post he shared on his Facebook account, he wrote,

“After paying N8m for Hajj see the breakfast that our pilgrims are being given! Nahcon Nigeria Fatima Mustapha. This what was given today 28th May 2024. In fact some pilgrims have already started begging to get money to buy food because even their remaining $300 that was promised to be paid to them in Saudi (out of $500) is not forthcoming from the authorities!”

Several people have been tagging the NAHCON chairperson, Fatima Mustapha,  the claim that she debunked and shared a rather unusual meal of akara, bread, pap, and tea on her page as what they served.

Most do not know whom to believe between the pilgrims and the leader.

@Jibrin Alhaji Lilu Yusufari: Very Disappointed Wallahi.

@Fatima Ibrahim Haruna: This is sad. I pray this gets to the right authority for proper action.

@Faiza Saad Ahmed: is very true cuz 2 of my friends complained to me this morning of the same issue

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