Claire Idera Nnani, wife of popular Nollywood actor and vlogger, Akah Nnani has disclosed how she met her husband.

According to the pretty wife who’s pregnant with their first child, she met her husband Akah on Facebook seven years ago and got married in 2019.

Sharing a loved up photo with her husband from their baby’s gender reveal party on her Instagram page, she wrote, “To think that I met Akah Nnani on Instagram almost 7 years ago. So crazy!!!”

Meanwhile the actor has taken to social media to recount how he romantically replaced his wife’s favourite perfume which made her cry after she mistakenly broke it.

Recounting the romantic moment, he wrote,

“Hey besties, Oya get in here let me give you gist 😁.
Okay, so during our third trimester (I say “our” because to God, me and my wife we’re pregnant together πŸ˜…), my wife found it increasingly hard to hold things or grab things. Later on, it became so painful that in fact, it scared Tha hell out of me. She wouldn’t be able to use her hand an hour after she wakes up. Heh!! We asked all our aunties and mothers, everybody say “this is strange πŸ•΅οΈ! This never happened to me, I don’t know oh?” Hehehe!! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ If you see my drama this time, I wanted to faint πŸ˜…. I convinced my wife and my in-laws that me too, I have carpal tunnel πŸ˜…

“Anyway, Daiz how my wife started checking on YouTube and Google. Thanks to the www πŸ™†πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ we learnt that this condition is common in some pregnancies and is called ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome’.
So sha, one day we decided to go to church (because of the belleh and Covid we were not attending physical church as often as should). So, we were running late and as I was by the door, I shouted out “baby we are late, please be fast let’s gooo”. As she was replying “I’m coming, I’m almost d…” I just heard the sound of shattering glass and a squeal so loud, followed with the words “Nooooo!”

“Heeehh! Guys! In my mind!! I had seen my wife falling from the ceiling of the house to the floor! If you see the way I sped to the room!!! As I got there I saw my wife crying. It didn’t take two seconds to see that her most prized cologne, the one she loves best in this world had shattered to the floor.

With tears streaming down her face she looked at me and all she kept saying was “I couldn’t hold it. It’s my best perfume, I couldn’t hold it. It’s my best perfume). Jesus, my heart shattered into the hundreds of glass shards on the floor. I ran to her and held her so tight. All I could say was “I’m so sorry. I love you”. I held her so tight cos I felt her pain. I knew how much she loves the perfume. It’s was a Chanel Gabrielle 50ML. Bought for her by her father.

“So dears, daiz how right there and then, I decided to buy that perfume for her. And tbh, I never liked that her best perfume was from her dad. I wanted all her best things from me”.

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