Alex emotional letter

While other housemates seem to be at peace with each other, the same cannot be said for Cee-C and Alex.

Things appear to be intense in the house amongst the 5 remaining housemates.

The two have been known to constantly be at logger-heads with each other.

Although most people attribute their beef to the fact that Tobi is closer to Alex than Cee-C, who is now the Head Of House.

Currently not on good terms, Alex decided to be the bigger person by tendering at apology to Cee-C for anything and everything she may have done to upset her.

She read the apology letter in the presence of the other housemates.


The emotional apology however, was not received with open arms by Cee-C. A

fter watching Alex read the letter in tears, Cee-C in turn revealed she had no problems with her or anyone in the house.

According to her, the only person she should even keep malice with is Tobi and she isn’t, stating her reasons for keeping away.

She revealed that she was done trying to get validation from the housemates and would rather stick to keeping to herself.

Watch the video below:


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