Alibaba Shades Tonto Dikeh

Nigerian comedian Alibaba has reacted to endless war between Tonto Dikeh and her estranged husband, Olakunle Churchil.

In a short note he shared on his IG page, the comedian wrote about ladies who make fathers of their children look like monsters.

The ace comedian who recounted past experiences including the marital crisis of a Nigerian career diplomat posted to East Africa, stated that women should try not to mess up the relationship the child will have with the father because they are upset.

The shade post reads in part;

Very often, you will see ladies who make the fathers of their children look like monsters. The said father may be the best father the child ever wished for, but, the mothers’ hurt will not let the fathers have the opportunity to show the child that love. Many years ago, a certain wife of a Nigerian career diplomat, posted to East Africa, had a messy and sour marriage. It was a very popular case.The woman resorted to making sure she flung all kinds of dirt at the Diplomat. She even asked the Nigerian Government to recall him and dismiss him. While she was all out to ruin him. She forgot that her children were depending on their father’s support to make a headway in life. The Solomonic dilemma came to play again. If I can’t have him, then let me mess his career up.

Alibaba Shades Tonto Dikeh

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