Internet sensation, Success Adegor has revealed that all the promises made to her after her video went viral, were not fulfilled.

Recall, little trended few months back after a video of her ranting over her dismissal from school by her class teacher.

Success Adegor has resurfaced on social media and this time, she has called out all those who promised to help her with her education after they had pledged their support for her following her touching story.

The little has refuted claims that her life has tremendously changed after people pledged their support stressing that her life has not changed since.

According to Success, all the promises made to her by people were fake and ‘audio money’ claiming that her father still rides a motorcycle.

Watch the video below;



  1. Dear success, it is no body’s responsibility other than your parents to take care of you.
    Making public video explains how lazy your parents are. Why did they brought u to this planet when they can’t take care of you.
    Please nobody owe u or ur family.
    Promises may or may not be kept.
    This video no worth my mb atoll

  2. I agree with you Lynda. No one owes you anything. People leverage on the kind of fame that you had when your video went viral. If you guys had anything to offer you should have capitalized on that fame. Maybe you would have picked up a role in the movie industry. Videos like this only shows that you have same entitlement mentality that has destroyed most Nigerians.

    You guys should wake up and work hard. So you mean to tell me that AYShow did not give you anything? Abeg! Go and bad.

  3. They didn’t give u any money u say?
    What’s about the money your parents were given or cameras n videos,did dey collect it back?

    After your popularity,ur parents had a white wedding and dey didn’t give u money?

    Anyways tell ur parents to work harder, u r thier responsibility not the public or government
    Thank God u isn’t orphaned

  4. This video is very annoying. To me, the girl is rude. This is not being sharp at all. Nobody owes you or your parents anything. Why did the lady interview her this time? She wants her share of the goodies just like the lady that did the first video.

  5. Success you not entitled to anyone expect your parent….they are your responsibility,so madam tell your parent to hustle hard to give you a better life.

  6. Lynda….u shouldnt be so hard on the little girl…most people make it from poor background….I don’t think she would have bee this outspoken if her parents were rich….this is God’s plan in my own words

  7. @Lynda you might have a point but it doesn’t matter anymore when people come out in public to make promises. It onus is on them to fulfill it, so if she talks about promises not fulfiled it is not out of entitlement or anything. It good sge spoke out so we can watch out for fake people making fake promises just for clouts.

  8. Someone post recently that success parents are meant to take care of success! yeah it’s true butwhy all those promises made are they going to fade away like that when they promised heaven and Earth aren’t they ashame of themselves?they so stupid to make false promises and not filling it it’s not right they have to fulfil their promise I know it’s hard to work this time especially this covid but they should at least try thier best pls


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