The Nigerian lady who took to Twitter to call for help after allegedly boarding a “one-chance taxi” in Kaduna earlier today has been exposed as a clout chaser.

The lady identified as @Lima_Modu on Twitter took to the platform at 12:08 am on Thursday, May 5, 2022, to call for help, claiming she had entered a “one-chance” taxi in Kaduna and she and other passengers were being driven to a “dark place”. ICYMI.

She later gave an update, alleging that she was beaten, almost raped, and that the attackers went away with her phone, but she survived the attack and was rushed to the hospital by some JTF guys.

She also claimed that one of the passengers in the taxi was stabbed.

However, when she shared the photo of the alleged victim, it was discovered that it was a photo from an old Facebook post.

A Twitter user whose friend had shared the photo in February called her out for sharing a fake story and shared receipts to back up his claims.

He further revealed that the lady blocked him after he called her out and had blocked the man who originally shared the photo in February before putting up the post.

“Dear @Lima_modu, I don’t know you and I’ve not been on this platform for a while but coming online today to see a post you made, I felt pity for you not until I saw your thread of a guy bing stabbed at the incident when you were almost raped, And all I can say is you’re untrue.

I could remember vividly On the 7th of February, a Facebook friend of mine Made a post about when he almost got stabbed and this particular guy came in for him. I saw the picture to be familiar and I had to go back to Facebook”. He wrote.

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