Popular media personality, Tolu Oniru, better known as Toolz, has said she will never allow her kids to go for sleepovers.

The mother of two boys, who explained the reason for her decision in an Instagram post, said many bizarre things are happening in the world today and that even male children are not safe.

She said that until her boys are of age, they are not allowed to go for sleepovers.

“Someone asked me this the other day…my answer was right now NO…maybe when they’re 18 or something. Too many crazy people in this world…and having boys doesn’t mean they’re 100% safe.” She wrote.

A while ago, Toolz posed a question at women who expect men to give them money after a date.

The topic of women expecting ‘transport fare’ from their dates have sparked an interesting debate online over the past few days.

While women say they spend a lot of money to look good for their date as they have to get a dress, hire a professional makeup artiste, wear expensive hair so it’s only proper for men to give them money after an outing, men argue that they equally spend money to look good.

Reacting to this in a post shared on her Instastory, Toolz said it’s weird for women to expect money from a guy after a date. She went on to ask such women if they are ‘call girls’ since they want to be paid for an outing.

“Really tho…the whole topic is just somehow. Pay money to see me…are you a call girl?” she wrote.

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