So, after Paul Okoye revealed to everyone that he made a really big mistake by allowing his brother, peter feature in HIS SONG, “BANK ALERT”, he has again confirmed that he has indeed been the brain behind most of PSquare’s hit songs.

This was revealed on twitter, after a follower pleaded with him to settle his dispute with his brother, Peter, as he can’t do it all alone.

Battle of who’s better than the other! Bro stop claiming superior here, you know you can’t do this without your brother. Stop this nonsense”, the Fan tweeted to Paul.

and Paul responded thus;

“Lol been doing it alone .. y’all were only deceived by videos and pics”

Photo of PSquare performing at the Glo CAF 2014.

According to reports, Paul Okoye is believed to be the brain behind all the Psquare’ hit songs while Peter is known for the ‘spice’ he adds to the music videos especially with the amazing dance steps.

See the exchange below;




  1. Who na don see were any part of body,go say na him better pass? U guys are one as far as we are consign, it does n’t consign us ur fans, who write songs, or who dey dance, all we want na corporation of u guys and the good music who na dey present, so make who na stop,before who na go let who na fans begin dey lost hope fore who na.

  2. Don’t even know what is wrong with you two, it pains me hearing you guys are quarreling. Sorry to say, two of you wives are stupid .

  3. @PaulOkoye, am surprised at your comment saying you regret having your blood (twin) brother in your song “Bank Alert”. Your should not have allow him to survive out of your mother’s womb also.
    If of the truth you are the brain behind your hit songs… wahala, but remember…… It’s possible he give your that aspect of your destiny instead of dragging it with you in the womb, believing your will stand by him all through the life you guys started together.
    So, jus allow what happened to be gone and enjoy lengthy part of this short life.
    We your fans ain’t happy with the whole saga….I don’t wanna say anything about your brother Jude Okoye……let him play a brotherly role in be neutral…… I rest my talk her for now.

  4. You guyz are brothers you if anything is happening between both of you, you should settled it, you should not allow it show in your career pls we love yoy guys,pls settled it

  5. so p-square All this IFUNAYA way una get for una self una still want GAME OVER, have u forgoting that there is No ONE LIKE YOU please BRING It UP because if u BREAK IT now we fans we go MISS YOU DIE,make una forget everything is all about TEMPTATION,E No EASY, but make una settle de matter cos NO TIME, and i hear say una involved OGA POLICE in this matter please i want you to be MORE THAN A FRIEND, cos is only YOU AND YOUR BROTHER, make una settle this matter PERSONALLY, forget all those OLEBURUKWU, they only want to CHOP YOUR MONEY, E get as E DEY DO ME when i hear say there is DANGER, in between you. so u want us to tell u Bye Bye,remember we are your Supper Fans, and u guys are UNLIMITED and too I LOVE YOU,please u guys should continue cos i want to dance more ALINGO, dont let BEAUTIFUL ONYINYE stop your BIZZY BODY, cos we fans we go Put you for PRAYERS, we are hoping to hear you TESTIMONY.

    • nice 1 bro. u are indeed needed in the crew. you guyz should really continue because we only know P-SQUARE and we only know peter, paul and judy through P-SQUARE, SO WE HAVE NO BUSINESS WITH THEM BUT ONLY P-SQUARE.


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