A Nigerian doctor is ecstatic as he took to Twitter to celebrate his achievements which he says were possible because of the many opportunities he had while residing in the United States.

The 30-year-old man took to his Twitter page to show off his accomplishments eight years after he left Nigeria. The medical doctor is currently building mansions across the south-east with one nearing completion.

He shared photos of the buildings under construction and revealed that though what he has achieved at his age is not up to the level of success he’d wanted to attain, he’ll however be proud of how far he has come.

The medical doctor attributes all of his success to the opportunities the United States of America provided for him.

He wrote in a series of tweets,

”Permit me to celebrate my little wins.

1st frame: somewhere in the S/East, where I was born & bred.

2nd & 3rd frame: somewhere in my hometown.

4th frame: somewhere in the city of Enugu, State. Still ongoing. Started it 5 months ago.

At age of 30, this isn’t where I wanna be, but for someone who used to be homeless, and roaming the streets of Port Harcourt 8 yrs ago? F—k that shit! I will take that.

2022 isn’t that bad, after all.

Everything I’ve always dreamed of, America has always provided.

God bless America!”

Watch the video he shared,

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