There was a pandemonium at a Nightclub recently following an altercation between a crossdresser and some angry men.

According to eyewitnesses, the crossdresser was heavily engrossed with the men as they were rocking to the songs playing in the club but things went south upon the painful realization that they were rocking their fellow man.

A scuffle ensued and the angry men resorted to violence, as they chose to beat up the crossdresser for being deceptive.

The crossdresser receieved thunderous slaps as the men removed the wig and fake breast pad he wore underneath his clothes.

See video below ;

In other news, Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown’s sister, Gracious Brown, has announced her decision to transform into a man as she debuts a new tomboy look.

Recently, Gracious shared pictures of herself in a male outfit on her Instagram page. Sharing the photos, she explained that she had made the decision to embrace masculinity because her brother identifies as a woman.

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