A Nigerian lady has reportedly come out to say that she was assaulted by Andrew, the BRT driver who was arrested in connection with the gruesome murder of 22-year-old lady, Bamise.

The BRT driver identified as Andrew Nice in an interview with TVC claimed he had no connection to the adductors and killers of the 22 yeard old who was found dead after boarding his bus.

According to him, Bamise was forcefully dragged out of the bus by some guys he picked up along the way. He alleged that the guys showed him their weapons which instilled fear in his heart so he couldn’t do anything to help the young lady but drove off after they abducted her.

Reacting to Andrew’s claims in the interview, activist Harrison Gwamnishu said the driver is not to be believed.

He added that another woman has come out to claim that Andrew raped her in the same bus and then threatened her.

“Please don’t believe this man. We have another victim who escaped from his hand after she was brutaIIy r@ped and threatened. The victim will be going to the Police to make statement and tender evidence.” Harrison wrote.

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