The spokesperson for the Delta State Police Command, DSP Bright Edafe, has called for the thorough investigation and prosecution of individuals who possess unexplainable wealth.

In a statement shared on his social media handle, He expressed concern over the prevailing trend where people deem it fit as inappropriate to question the source of wealth of individuals who cannot provide a legitimate means of income.

he highlighted the unfortunate reality of criminal activities such as ritual killings, kidnappings, and internet fraud.

He emphasized the importance of law enforcement officers carrying out their duties diligently and avoiding extortion.

However, he firmly stated that individuals who are unable to justify their wealth should face proper investigation and be brought before the court of law when evidence of illicit activities surfaces.

The statement has ignited discussions among netizens, with various opinions trending online.

Some applaud his stance, acknowledging the need to fight off  financial crimes and hold accountable those engaging in illegal activities.

Others express concerns about potential abuse of power and the importance of ensuring fair investigations without prejudice where ever the case.

As the conversation surrounding this issue continues, it presents an opportunity to raise public awareness about the consequences of engaging in illicit activities.

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