This statement above was said by the sixty years old CEO of the popular aircraft company, Airpeace, Allen Ifechukwu Onyema.

To him, staying in the abroad is not as easy and magical as Nigerians make it look like. The bills and expenses in maintaining oneself is exorbitant compared to living in Nigeria.

He therefore cannot relate with the common belief of the UK or US being relatively cheaper in economy.

Allen Onyema further states that all his four children lives in Nigeria.

Netizens reacts to this news by terming him a liar, claiming they would rather stay abroad and earn less with great social amenities, security and good economy than live the supposed life of a king in the country.

Here are some of their reactions,

@Chiedozie Nnajiofor Hmmmmm, where people see the 200k kwanu, where minimum wage is 30k and a graduate employed in federal ministry takes home salary of less than 100k at the end of the month.

@Nweke O. David  A lot sense here. No place is better than home. The cost of living there and here.

@Mascot Ngene Oga,is it that you don’t want us to be traveling with your commercial airline again ni?

@Sam Ejiofor Ugwoke how many Civil servants in Nigeria are earning 200k per month?? Rest abegi

@Kachi Ohiaeri UK and US rent is NOT your mate o.

Chairman Allen Onyema is a Nigerian lawyer and entrepreneur who established the air transit, Airpeace in 2013. He is currently worth $3.1 billion dollars and is one of the few Nigerians to own a private jet.

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