Agbani Darego advises

Former beauty queen, Agbani Darego, has replied a follower who expressed concern about turning 34 soon and not having a child.

Agbani Darego advises

The follower had sought Agbani’s advise on how she managed not to bow to societal pressure to have kids after 35.

“How did you manage not to bow to pressure to have kids after 35? I’m 34 in 3 months”, the follower wrote.

In response, the model advised the follower not to do anything because society demands it of her, but because she wants to. She also disclosed that she has two kids and she had her first at 35 plus.

Read Agbani’s response below,

“Hello, I have 2 kids and I had my first at 35+. My take, don’t do anything cause society demands it of you. Do it for you, in your own time and pace. Kids are a blessing, but only if you desire them! And you have to be mentally, emotionally, (and financially) ready for that journey. x”

See below,

Agbani Darego advises

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