A Nigerian man has taken to his social media page to share the fascinating story of how a young man won 16 million from gambling but had to share his win with his boss due to some apprentice law.

According to word on the street, the local apprentice law states that any money made under his master is for his master and this has caused split opinions on Twitter NG.

The story below ;
“So this boy who is currently undergoing his Apprenticeship with oga at Alaba market won 16 million naira on BET and his boss requested he shared the money into 2. Meaning his boss goes with 8 million.

I hear the market people supported his boss so he had to oblige.”

Netizens were shocked that the market people agreed to such bizarre terms because the oga had no claim whatsoever to the money won while some who understood the apprentice laws tried to explain it.

Read some comments here:

“As long as he’s still under his boss that money belongs to his oga, his boss is even fair by sharing it into 2 self”

“The Oga is very right makachi that boy don play over 1 million naira of the Oga money there. You need to see this boys when they play visuals.”

“Everyone saying why should the Oga demand for a part of the money. Apprenticeships does not operate with your woke mindset. In most apprenticeships whatever the boy gets belongs to the Oga until he is settled. There is a good reason for that. The oga was fair enough.”

“In my own opinion. The boss has no say o. The money. It’s the boy’s choice to make whether he will give his boss or mort. Na the entitlement mentality wey we de talk about be this. Why is the boy so entitled to the money? Didn’t the boy pay to learn?”

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