TV host, Morayo Brown took to Instagram to react after comedian Woli Arole said sex before marriage is a sin even if an intending couple uses a condom.

Morayo brown reacts

In a post shared via Twitter, Arole wrote,

“Sex before MARRIAGE is a SIN, even if you use CONDOMN it’s still a SIN. God has told us to repent of every form of unrighteousness. Start the year with a fresh relationship with Jehovah!!!!.”

Morayo brown reacts

Reacting to Arole’s Tweet, Morayo Brown stated that although she and her husband got married before having sex, it’s not right to judge people who choose to have sex before marriage.

She wrote,

“I agree with Arole about fornication. I did not have sex with my husband before we got married. We made a decision to wait but that does not make us better than those who didn’t. Many waited and still have horrible marriages.”

We lie daily yet God forgives us. Let’s not use ‘having sex before marriage’ as the reference for judging people.

If two adults decide to have sex before marriage, it’s completely their choice and a conversation they have with their maker. Lets stop judging that situation.

Arole cannot tell me he is a virgin, abi is he?”

Morayo brown reacts

The popular Christian comedian responding to her post, noted that he is not a virgin but the light of Jesus has made him a new creature.

He commented,

So my point is simple, there’s the God standard and the world standard. My standard is the God standard. Apparently I have my past, infact I have been a very good bad guy, Virgin bawo. I am not a VIRGIN ooo But the light of Jesus changed me, made me a new creature. All things have become NEW. So for me let’s all evaluate our lives and move closer to GOD. God will not change his standards for ANYBODY.

See his comment below,

Morayo brown reacts

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