An 23-year-old Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament, saying at his present age, he still finds it difficult to ask a lady out.

The young taking to popular Entertainment forum, Nairaland, say he is turning 24 the following and he has never asked a girl out before.

His full post below;

I’m 23, turning 24 next Month October and I have never asked a girl out. The truth is that I have been scared, literally afraid of talking to them, I do have female friends But Occasionally when it comes to asking any girl I liked out, I just go off not being able even communicate my feeling to them.

I do see teenagers of 16 and 17 years claiming to be in a relationship and I wonder how is that possible.

This is irritating because I hang of with guys and we all try to boost of being smart and sharp guys but deep down I know that I’m just blabbing cause when the opportunity comes I just find a way to avoid it.

I’m i a simp or do everyone goes through the same thing and I might overcome it later please let me know cause it really embarrassing to know a problem and still act like everything is okay.



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