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A Nigerian man has shared via X (Twitter) how he was forced to retract his kindness after a friend of his frowned upon the monetary gift he decided to offer to support his wedding.

He revealed in his tweet that the moment he told his friend he was gifting him 50K, his friend converted the naira to pounds.

His friend’s reaction to his monetary gift surprised him which caused him to back out from gifting him like he had earlier wanted to.

His post read;

“A certain friend is getting married soon. So I asked him to give me his bank details so I can send him ₦50,000 to get a wedding gift since I will unfortunately not be able to attend his wedding. While we were still talking, baba said so na £25 you go give me for wedding gift. I was confused and perplexed at the same time. He has already converted the 50k to GBP and felt he deserves more than the pound equivalent. I don’t have energy for back and forth, I just told him make he no vex. I’m surely not sending him any dime again, I’ll put my 50k to a more noble cause.”

He also went on to chastise people who are entitled like his friend, by stating that people are quick to forget that no one owes them anything.

See tweet below;

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