Reno Omokri speaks

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, has shared his thoughts on how to combat the rising level of inferiority complex among Nigerian women.

Taking to his Instagram page, he proposed that the federal government should ban the importation and sale of human hair in Nigeria.

He stated that many women spend a lot of money to look like copies of Caucasian women, causing Nigeria to lose millions of dollars to the importation of human hair.

Reno Omokri speaks

The controversial social media commentator also called for the ban of bleaching cream in Nigeria.

He wrote,

“A Bitter Pill To Cure Nigeria’s Chronic Inferiority Complex

Why do we deplete our foreign reserves to import human hair into Nigeria? That is crazy! God gave our women hair.

We should ban the importation of human hair and its sale in Nigeria.

It may shock you to note that Nigeria imports multi millions of dollars worth of human hair annually. And much of that hair is unwashed, untreated human hair from Bangladesh. What a waste of our reserves.

And for what? To make our women look like very bad copies of European, Latin and Asian women?

And while we are at it, let us save another hundreds of millions of dollars by banning the importation and sale of bleaching creams into Nigeria, by whatever name, be it toning, organic, or exotic creams.

The degree of self-hate these products evince should have alarmed a responsible government ages ago.

A major cause, if not the number one cause, of skin cancer and kidney and liver diseases in Nigeria is skin bleaching. And that means that the close to $250 million we spend on these harmful chemicals annually is not the actual financial cost. You must add the loss of man hours to our economy, the medical expenses, and the cost of raising children who have lost one or more parents due to health problems arising from skin bleaching.

And beyond banning these hairs and creams, we can help our people, especially the younger generation, acquire a better self-image.

The NBC can introduce edicts that make it compulsory for Nigerian TV anchors to have natural hair and complexion and speak in Nigerian accents. This should also apply to Nollywood.

The reason Nigerian music is now popular worldwide is that President Obasanjo and Senator Ben Murray-Bruce came up with a mandate FORCING Nigerian radio and TV stations to play a minimum of local Nigerian content.

The reason Nigerians now head international oil exploration companies in Nigeria is not that the corporations were nice. No. It is because President Jonathan initiated and signed the Local Content Law mandating it in 2010.

If you put an unbleached Black African woman in her natural hair besides the most beautiful blond hair, blue eyed beauty, she will hold her own.”

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