Michael Ebuka Ngene of the sixth season of the BBNaija show, on Friday opened up to Biggie in his diary session, that his co-housemate, Angel is not a team player.

According to the singer, Angel not being a team player is what makes her quite annoying to him and possibly other housemates because of her “self-centered” attitude.

In his session, he told Biggie he believes Angel’s behavior is that way because she’s only a 21-year-old lady but still that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t help others during tasks that housemates partake in as a team.

Speaking with Big Brother, he narrated how Angel was once on a team he was among too, and they all were carrying out a punishment issued by Big Brother together…

…recounting how Angel complained that she wasn’t responsible for the punishment and once she did her part, she couldn’t help the others who weren’t done with theirs as true teammates.

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