Maria has said that she was confused when she nominated Whitemoney for eviction.

According to her, she was in a state of confusion and had no idea who to nominate for eviction on Mon night, but the name, ‘WhiteMoney’ just popped into her head.

She made this revelation to Biggie during her diary session on Tuesday, 3rd of August.

Recall at the nomination show on Monday, Maria had nominated WhiteMoney, Beatrice, Yerins and Jaypaul for possible eviction.

Speaking to Biggie, she said,“I didn’t know what I was thinking to be really completely honest with you.

“I actually have so much love for that boy – like a friend type of love. I was so confused because names couldn’t come to my head yesterday.

“I wasn’t ready because I thought I was gonna pick two names. The names I was gonna give initially would be Beatrice and Yerins but then when you told me four, it was just too much for me.

“When I went out back there and I looked at everyone and I thought ‘ Oh my God,why did I even pick Whitemoney?’

“It hurt me so much, I’m not gonna lie. But I’ve done what I’ve done and it is what it is.

“But I have no reason to why I picked Whitemoney because I actually really liked him as a friend.”

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